Mercedes-Benz MB 325.6 Kühlmittel Konzentrat

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Volume Quantity Delivery Price
1 L
OEM Part Number: A000989282514

Delivery 1-2 days **

1-2 days **

(€8.95* /1 L)

Mercedes-Benz MB 325.6 Antifreeze Concentrate is suitable for mixing an effective coolant for cooling systems of a wide range of modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles to effectively protect the engine from corrosion and freezing, while increasing the boiling point to provide effective protection even at high temperatures.

Be sure to choose the right Mercedes-Benz coolant for your vehicle!

When choosing the right coolant for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, only the information that can be found in the vehicle manual of your Mercedes is always authoritative.

Here, one of the Mercedes-Benz approvals for corrosion/antifreeze is prescribed: For Mercedes-Benz passenger car engines, the MB 325.0, MB 325.6 and MB 325.7 releases are usually required. The coolant releases 312.0, 325.3 and 325.5 are reserved for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles or industrial engines. There is a clear ban on mixing with coolants that meet the passenger car approvals!

Since the Mercedes-Benz MB 325.6 antifreeze concentrate receives the MB 325.6 release, it may be used in almost all Mercedes-Benz passenger car engines or vehicles with passenger car engines with a few exceptions. These include the Mercedes-Benz gasoline engines M 112, M113, M 133, M176, M177, M 256, M 264 and the diesel engines OM 611, 612, 613, OM 639, OM 640, OM 642 and OM 651.

In the case of passenger car engines, residual quantities of an older filling with Mercedes-Benz MB 325.0 coolant may be mixed with a coolant that meets the MB 325.6 release. Mixtures deviating from this with other coolant releases must be avoided at all costs!

Mix Mercedes-Benz coolant concentrate correctly and change at intervals

Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze Concentrate MB MB 325.6 must be mixed with water in the specified ratio before use. A mixing ratio of 1 : 1 parts of concentrate to water results in an antifreeze protection of the coolant of up to -37°C.

Mercedes-Benz gives coolant change intervals of 6 or 15 years for modern engines. Again, you can find an indication of when your vehicle's coolant should be changed in your Mercedes-Benz manual.

Mercedes-Benz MB 325.6 coolant concentrate is free of nitrite, amine, phosphate, borate, 2-ethylhexanoic acid.

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  • for most passenger car and commercial vehicle engines
  • MB 325.6, red-violet coloring
More Information
Manufacturer Mercedes
Item No. MB-892825-X
Color Violett / Purple

MB 325.6


As a rule, a coolant with approx. 50% by volume corrosion/antifreeze and 50% by volume water must be used. The antifreeze protection of this mixture extends to approx. -37°C (mixing ratio 1:1). With 55% corrosion/antifreeze, the maximum frost protection is approx.45°C,

As clean and soft water as possible should be used to prepare the coolant.

  • A000989282514
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