Lawn Mower Oil

Lawn Mower Oil

In order to function properly, lawn mowers, like most motorized machines, need an engine oil. Generally lawn mowers nowadays have a 4-stroke engine, but there are still lawn mowers that are driven by a 2-stroke engine, although these are becoming increasingly rare. Since both engines are different in the way they work, they consequently need different engine oils.

2-stroke engine oils for lawn mowers

In 2-stroke engines, the correct lubrication is provided by a mixture of petrol and 2-stroke oil, which is burned during the combustion process. The 2-stroke oil is either mixed „by hand“ with the petrol or the lawn mower has an extra tank, from where the 2-stroke oil is automatically mixed by a pump to the petrol. It is important to make sure that the correct mixing ratio of petrol and 2-stroke oil is used. The correct mixing ratio can be generally found in the manufacturer’s instructions.

4-stroke engine oils for lawn mowers

As mentioned at the beginning, 4-stroke engines in lawn mowers are more common today than 2-stroke engines. Similar to passenger cars, the petrol and engine oil are being held in separate containers, so that the engine oil is not burned, but instead remains in the engine and is responsible for the lubrication of the engine.

Lawn mower oil SAE 30

In order to determine the correct engine oil for the lawn mower, it is always advisable to first have a look at the lawn mower’s manual.

Generally speaking however, it is recommended to use an engine oil with the viscosity class SAE 30 if you have a lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine. A lawn mower oil SAE 30 can be found in every well-stocked online shop. A SAE 30 engine oil is referred to as a monograde oil, which is usually only suitable for operation in the warm months. A SAE 30 lawnmower oil is therefore suitable from spring to autumn. Alternatively, a multigrade oil (e.g. 10W-30 – formulated for use throughout the year) can also be used. However, this is only advisable if it is recommended ine the user manual of the lawn mower.

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Choosing a special lawn mower oil offers several advantages: On the one hand, these engine oils are precisely tailored to the operating characteristics of lawn mowers, on the other hand, many lawnmower oils are SAE 30 engine oils, which are particularly suited for use during the warm months in which lawnmowers are usually used.