Oil filter for ZF transmissions

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Just as important as changing your engine oil, but often underestimated or even forgotten, is changing the transmission oil on your vehicle.
In the ATO24 online store you can get everything you need for the professional change of your transmission oil at the ZF automatic transmission to effectively counteract a maintenance backlog and resulting wear or even defects.
In our ZF automatic transmission oils category, you will learn which automatic transmission oils are available for your ZF 4/5HP, 6HP, 8HP or 9HP torque converter automatic and how to find the correct oil for the automatic transmission oil change.
On this page you will learn how to find the correct filter oil pan, which should also be replaced during the transmission oil change and which oil change kit is the right one for your vehicle.

Transmission oil change on ZF 6HP - a breeze with the right oil change kit

For the service on the ZF 6HP automatic transmission, the online store of ATO24 offers you the all-round carefree package:

The ZF oil change kit 6HP 1071.298.033

This ZF OEM oil change kit contains a ZF oil pan with integrated transmission oil filter, 7 liters of ZF Lifeguard Fluid 6 OEM transmission oil, a set of screws for assembly and an oil drain plug. It is suitable for the following ZF 6HP automatic transmissions:


  • ZF 6HP19
  • ZF 6HP19 X
  • ZF 6HP21
  • ZF 6HP21 X

Transmission oil change at ZF 8HP: Oil change kit or ZF oil pan with filter - you have the choice

If you want to perform a service on your ZF 8HP automatic transmission, you have a choice in ATO24's online store. You can go for the ZF oil change kit for 8HP transmissions or buy your transmission oil and the required filter pan separately:

The ZF oil change kit 8HP 1087.298.365

The ZF oil change kit 1087.298.365 for 8HP automatic transmissions contains the ZF oil pan 1087.298.364, 7 liters of OEM automatic transmission oil ZF Lifeguard Fluid 8, a screw set for assembly and an oil drain plug. It can be used for the following ZF 8HP transmissions:


  • ZF 8HP45 (BMW and Chrysler)
  • ZF 8HP45 HIS (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP45 X (Chrysler)
  • ZF 8HP45 X HIS (Jaguar and Land Rover)
  • ZF 8HP50 (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP50 X (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP70 (BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati)
  • ZF 8HP70 H (BMW, Jaguar)
  • ZF 8HP70 HIS (Jaguar, Maserati)
  • ZF 8HP70 X (Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati)
  • ZF 8HP70 X HIS (Land Rover, Maserati)
  • ZF 8HP75 (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP75 HIS (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP75 X (BMW)
  • ZF 8HP75 X HIS (BMW)

ZF Filter oil pan for 8HP automatic transmission

Do you want to buy the ZF oil pan 1087.298.364 without the ZF Lifeguard Fluid automatic transmission oil? No problem!
Here you can get the OEM ZF 8HP oil pan for the ZF automatic transmissions listed above with bolt set and oil drain plug. With the choice of your automatic transmission oil you are free and can choose from one of our products with manufacturer approval or recommendation:


Click here for automatic transmission oils for ZF 8HP transmissions.