Lamp Oil

Buy lamp oil online

In our online shop you will find the high-quality Ravenol lamp oil for kerosene lamps and kerosene burners. The lamp oil is therefore used for combustion and allows a constant burning behavior with a clear flame. The term lamp oil is usually used synonymously to the term petroleum.

Properties of lamp oils

The lamp oil is a pure product from petroleum distillation. If you want to buy a lamp oil, there is a difference between odourless and perfumed lamp oils. The pure lamp oils are subject to the most modern quality and safety requirements.

Ravenol lamp oil

With the Ravenol lamp oil you receive a high-quality oil for petroleum lamps. The odourless and colourless liquid does not contain any additives and therefore provides the best burning result. The use of Ravenol lamp oil prevents the formation of soot and consequently  no soiling of interior or exterior facades.

Use lamp oil correctly

If lamp oil is used incorrectly or swallowed, there is a risk of serious damage. In view of this risk, lamp oil should be stored in places inaccessible to children. Constant temperatures and rooms without strong light irradiation are recommended. Do not pour the lamp oil into an open fire, otherwise it may ignite directly in the bottle. When using the lamp oil, always refer to the operating instructions for the kerosene lamp.