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    • fully synthetic 4-stroke engine oil for snow blowers
    • ACEA A3/B4 specification
    • for Honda, MTD, Briggs&Stratton, Husqvarna etc.
    • fully synthetic 4-stroke oil for snow blowers
    • ACEA A5/B5 specification
    • for MTD, Honda, Briggs&Stratton, Husqvarna etc.

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Buy snow blower oil online

As soon as it snows in winter, the snow blowers are used for large quantities of snow. At sub-zero temperatures, the snow blowers are started manually and have to develop their full power directly. The snow blower oil is one of the most important components. On the one hand, the engine oil must have good cold start properties at low temperatures so that the engine is optimally lubricated immediately after ignition. In addition, it must ensure that the degree of viscosity remains as stable as possible and that the engine is optimally cooled despite extreme conditions and actively works against wear.

Snow blower oil from Ravenol

In our online shop you will find a small selection of motor oils for snow blowers. Here we have consciously decided for the oil of Ravenol. The high-quality snow blower oils are available in the viscosities 0W-30 and 5W-30. The fully synthetic formulation ensures optimum engine performance at low temperatures and guarantees constant lubrication of the 4-stroke engine.

You should pay attention to the following

When selecting the snow blower oil, you should always consult the snow blower manual beforehand. Recommendations on viscosities and specifications are usually stored there. The snow blower oil can be purchased on the basis of these data. Of course, quality is a decisive criterion. With the Ravenol snow blower oil you get the best quality at the best price. Ravenol oils are also recommended for certain manufacturers of snow blowers. Just have a look at the product descriptions of the products.