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For reliable, safe and low-wear operation, the right lubricants and operating fluids are essential for a car, be it a passenger car or commercial vehicle. Lubricants and operating materials are mainly classified as liquids, such as oils and coolants, as well as more solid substances such as greases. The wear protection and performance development of a vehicle are subject to several different properties of these substances. An essential function of oil or grease is obvious: the lubrication of vehicle components such as engine, transmission, steering and chassis. This contributes to achieving the desired performance and protects the vehicle from wear and tear. Another, but equally important, function quickly fades into the background: cooling the components. Especially in the engine and transmission, the cooling function of the oil is existential, alongside the coolant in the vehicle's water circuit! Operating fluids such as brake fluid or hydraulic fluids play a key role in the safety of a vehicle. These are also exposed to high thermal and physical loads, which is why consistent performance is important. ATO24 is your competent partner from refilling the engine oil to the complete engine, coolant or transmission oil change. In the ATO24 online shop you can get high quality engine oils and transmission oils for automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, as well as differential and transfer cases in a large selection of over 30 brands at reasonable prices. In addition, our product portfolio offers power steering, hydraulic and brake fluids according to various specifications for purchase, in order to have the right fuel for every vehicle. ATO24 is specialized in offering suitable lubricants for almost every car.  With a wide range of products of well-known lubricant manufacturers and OEM products of various car manufacturers, our product range is specialized in oils, greases and other operating fluids for European cars, especially for American cars, US-Cars and passenger cars of Asian brands. A large selection of additives with cleaning, protective or performance-enhancing effects at favourable prices completes the range of products.


With the product range of BMW OEM operating fluids, the ATO24 online shop has a variety of engine oils, transmission oils, coolants and other interesting lubricants and operating fluids tailored to your BMW ready for you!
"OEM" stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and refers to spare parts, maintenance parts and equipment that the vehicle manufacturer sells directly under its own brand. The vehicle manufacturer BMW develops all operating fluids so that they are optimally tailored for use in BMW vehicles. For example, BMW engine oils offer protective properties such as preventing sludge formation or reducing the tendency to evaporate, which have been developed to benefit the service life of a BMW engine.

Longlife-01, Longlife-04 or Longlife FE? An OEM product for every BMW!

BMW distinguishes the product series of BMW engine oils, the so-called BMW TwinPower Turbo products, basically according to the fulfilled approvals and offers them in certain and, depending on the approval, in different viscosity classes according to the so-called SAE viscosities.

BMW TwinPower Turbo approvals at a glance

BMW engine oil approvals are called "BMW Longlife", which stands for the extended maintenance interval that BMW allows in almost all modern vehicles. The most popular BMW engine oil approvals are the


BMW Longlife 01 is an engine oil release that can be used in almost all BMW vehicles with petrol engine without petrol engine particle filter (OPF) and furthermore in diesel engines without diesel particle filter (DPF).

Engine oils with BMW Longlife 04 approval can also be used in petrol engines without an OPF and diesel engines without a DPF and also in BMW diesel engines with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) as well as petrol engines with an OPF. Oils with Longlife 04 approval are therefore downwardly compatible with Longlife 01 oils.

The following rule of thumb applies, which can serve as a guide but should not be used without hesitation: For most BMW engines built up to 2004, an engine oil with Longlife-01 approval can be used. At least for diesel engines built in 2004 and later, a Longlife-04 engine oil must be used. Please use only the information in your vehicle manual to determine exactly which engine oil is the right one for your BMW or contact our Service Team if you are unsure.

The BMW Longlife 98 approval has now been completely replaced by the downward compatible BMW Longlife 01 approval. Whenever an engine oil is prescribed for use in accordance with the BMW Longlife 98 operating regulations, a BMW engine oil with the BMW Longlife 01 approval can be used without restrictions.

In addition, with Longlife FE or Longlife FE+ (FE stands for Fuel Economy), the following approvals exist for modern BMW passenger car engines, which require a particularly thin and at the same time powerful engine oil in order to meet the most modern requirements for fuel efficiency and pollutant emissions:


The impetus for these new approvals is clearly, on the one hand, the ever-increasing requirements for fuel efficiency and emission reduction in passenger cars and, at the same time, the recent cooperation with Shell on the part of the Bavarian car manufacturer. All the years before, Castrol acted as a bottler of BMW engine oils.
In addition to the new approvals, new product designs, new part numbers and new viscosities have also recently emerged.

BMW TwinPower Turbo - the Engine Oils

  • BMW Motoröl Twin Power Turbo 5W-30 LL-01
    For all BMW petrol engines without OPF, BMW diesel engines without DPF
  • BMW Motoröl Twin Power Turbo 0W-30 LL-04
    For almost all BMW petrol engines with and without OPF, BMW diesel engines with and without DPF
  • BMW Motoröl Twin Power Turbo 5W-30 LL-04
    For almost all BMW petrol engines with and without OPF, BMW diesel engines with and without DPF
  • BMW Motoröl M Twin Power Turbo 0W40 LL-01
    For BMW M vehicles without OPF / DPF, check whether the BMW Longlife-01 release is approved for use. Not for M5/M6 before 2011 and M3 before 2014.
  • BMW Motoröl M Twin Power Turbo 10W-60
    For BMW M vehicles up to model year 2010, M3 up to model year 2013
  • BMW Motoröl TwinPower Turbo 0W-30 LL-12 FE
    For BMW vehicles that require an engine oil with lowered HTHS viscosity according to Longlife 12 FE. 
    For new BMW diesel engines from model year 2013 so far: Nx7K1, Nx7U1 and Nx701. Generally not permitted for engines with 2 or 3 turbochargers. Permitted for petrol engines from model year 2013, but only in the EU including Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
  • BMW Motoröl TwinPower Turbo 0W-20 LL-14 FE+
    Suitable for modern BMW petrol engines from model year 2014, but only restricted in the territory of the EU including Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein as well as the US market. Due to the low HTHS viscosity, this oil may only be used in BMW petrol engines approved for this purpose.
  • BMW Motoröl TwinPower Turbo 0W-20 LL-17 FE+
    For the most modern BMW engines with the exception of M vehicles

When selecting the correct BMW engine oil for your BMW, please be sure to observe the specifications that can be found in the vehicle manual. The information given here is merely generalised and not precise! Only the combinations of BMW engine oil release and viscosity approved in the manual are decisive for the selection of the correct engine oil!

1 Series, 2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, SUV or Roadster? We will find the right engine oil, transmission oil and other operating fluids for your car!

Our many years of experience in the lubricant industry, short communication channels in the automotive industry and our open ear for the changes in the automotive industry and automotive trends form our know-how to find and offer the right lubricants for every vehicle.
If you need help finding the right lubricant for your BMW or if you are not sure, contact the ATO24 service team using the options provided to get competent help quickly!