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    • fully synthetic 2-stroke oil with ester additives
    • for air and watercooled 2-stroke engines
    • API TD specification
    • semi-synthetic engine oil with green colour
    • for 4-stroke small engines
    • Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Peugeot, Polaris etc.
    • In air- and water-cooled 4-stroke scooter engines
    • For cooler operating and longer equipment life
    • With transmission and gear box compatibility

6 Items

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Which is the right scooter engine oil for your scooter?

With the scooter it depends on the right engine oil! Because while often the misconception is widespread that the "smaller" the engine, the more laissez-faire can be applied in the choice of engine oil, here too, as always in the lubricant segment, the principle of precision applies!

As with the motorcycle or in the car, the grip to the prescribed and correct engine oil is essential to increase the life of the scooter engine. A scooter engine oil has a shorter life span in comparison, since it must be changed either directly burned or already after 1,000 kilometers. Despite the short period of use and the avoidably simple engine technology of a scooter, more should be paid attention to when buying an engine oil than the price. How to find the right scooter engine oil and what other information should be considered when buying, we explain to you in the further course.

Difference between 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooter oil - How do I choose correctly?

Not all scooters are the same. The biggest difference is probably in the engine technology. In the scooter is either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine. This difference is to be found in the first place! 

  • 2 stroke engines burn the engine oil while driving. This happens either in mixture or separate lubrication. Striking: Often a slightly bluish coloration of the exhaust gas can be observed due to the oil combustion.
  • 4 stroke engines use separate oil lubrication. The engine oil is not banished, but is constantly in an oil circuit, which lubricates the pistons and the gearbox.

Scooter oil change at the 2 stroke - What do you have to consider?

An engine oil for 2-stroke engines does not need to be changed at regular intervals, because it is mixed directly with the gasoline and burned. Mixing with the fuel can be done in two ways. Either the scooter is refueled with a mixture of gasoline and engine oil or the scooter has a separate oil chamber, which in most cases can be filled under the seat, and mixes the oil gasoline mixture itself and as needed.

Especially in the second case, the oil level should always be looked at, so that a constant oil mixture is ensured. Without sufficient lubrication, damage to the pistons, cylinders and crankshaft will quickly occur. When buying a 2-stroke engine oil, it is important to make sure that it is scooter engine oil. While marine engines, chainsaws and other machines also run on 2-stroke engines, they require different chemical properties in the oil that are not relevant to the scooter engine. For example, marine 2-stroke engine oils are enriched with anti-corrosion additives, as protection against corrosion caused by salt water contact is of fundamental importance here.

Changing the oil in a 4-stroke scooter - What needs to be considered?

4-stroke engines operate with a separate oil pan and circulating oil lubrication. As with cars, for example, the scooter engine oil also increasingly picks up residues and dirt over its operating life. An oil change interval, in which the oil must be changed regularly, becomes indispensable. With regard to the smaller oil quantity and higher heat loads, a scooter engine oil burns faster. A regular look after the oil level is more than recommended!

Find 2 stroke scooter oil, find 4 stroke scooter oil

How do you find the right scooter engine oil? We explain it to you briefly and concisely how to find the right oil in the online store of ATO24:

As with the car, should also be looked at the scooter in the vehicle manual to see which scooter engine oil is needed. In the case of the 2-stroke engine, you may only find a general reference to 2-stroke engine oil. In addition, there may also be an indication of a necessary specification. In both cases, the buyer has a wide range of oils to choose from. Besides the manufacturer, it is mainly the bases to mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic.

In comparison, the mineral engine oil is the least processed oil. This makes it less powerful but at the same time much cheaper. This is contrasted with synthetic engine oil. Here the price per liter is the highest. However, this is justified by the high enrichment of special additives and improved temperature resistance. In addition, a synthetic engine oil burns cleaner and provides consistently optimized engine protection. For air-cooled engines, these aspects are not insignificant.

Our tip: Performance scooter engine oil Ravenol VSZ

For scooter engines that are operated at high speeds and material loads, Ravenol offers the Ravenol VSZ 2-stroke engine oil, a performance product that is enriched with ester additives along the lines of high-quality passenger car engine oils to provide protection even under extreme operating conditions.

Find the right scooter oil now - We show you how!

To illustrate the procedure for finding the right engine oil for mopeds, scooters and scooter, we will use the example of a Vespa GTS Super 125i:

Decisive for the reliable choice of the right engine oil is always the information in your vehicle manual. According to the Vespa manual, an engine oil of viscosity 5W-40 with the specifications API SL, ACEA A3 or JASO MA should be used.

In ATO24 Online Shop you can find suitable products by following directly this link: