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    • highly effective polish for off weathered paint
    • brilliant shine
    • produces a weatherproof network
    • refreshes frosted and yellowed headlamps
    • slight to medium scratches are removed
    • for front and rear lights
    • silicon-free, dust-free abrasive paste
    • removes sandings of up to P1500
    • cleans paint layers from scratches and burn marks
    • higly economical polishing ball
    • perfect for manually polishing
    • optimizes working in speed and accurancy
    • polish for colour and metallic paintwork
    • restores the shine to dull paintwork
    • contains high quality carnauba wax

7 Items

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Chosse your car polish for the perfect paint shine

The car polish brings the necessary gloss. In practice it sounds simple. But does your car get the perfect shine by each polish? On the market of polishing many providers offer the perfect polishes. Simply polish and even the luster is present - so the promise. With Amazon and Co. they often offer such products. It does not mean that these products on Amazon are as bad. But sometimes you do not get an original one. So Sonax must not be, Sonax all the time. Take care that you only choose high-quality and original car polish products. Only with these ones you clean the paint on your car well. With us you do not get Sonax car polish products, but some made in Germany Ravenol polish products. The chemical composition of the polish is based on high-quality additives that exceed the requirements of a standard car polish. The car polish is thus antistatic, weather-resistant and has a long-lasting shine. Thus the paint gets the former glory!


 Buy car wax online at ATO24

The car wax covers the pores in the paint of the car. The paint is replaced by a smoother surface and protects against weather conditions. The wax is also included in the polishing of the car. But you also apply it separately. By polishing you oust a very thin layer of paint and bring the coat of shine again. The wax protects the car from further wear on the paint. Sonax is a widely known manufacturer of car wax. Sonax offers undoubtedly good wax products, however, in our shop you get some real good alternatives. For many, Amazon is considered as the first point for the purchase of car wax. There, however, you will not receive personal advice, as with us. In addition, with us you get a wide range of further products of the car care.