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    • Compatible with paint, plastic and gum
    • Protects against new icing
    • Removes ice layers in seconds
    • ready to use winter screenwash antifreeze
    • secure freeze protection to -20°C
    • meets requirements of the DEKRA Tests
    • Quickly removes oil, grease, brake fluid
    • Brake parts without major disassembly
    • Dries quickly

8 Items

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Buy wiper-water online at ATO24

Refill wiper water belongs to a repeated task during the year. Making this privately, is not difficult. These pour the washer fluid just in the transparent container, which is intended. The car then requires no warm-up time, but can use the windscreen wiper water directly. Modern vehicles from Mercedes and Co. submit the driver even a message, when the washer fluid should be replaced. When topping up, you can use normal cleaning water. It is mixed depending on the season with different amounts of water. Finally, it also has to act as an antifreeze. Sinking the temperature, carry the wiper water with less water mix, since it can freeze. The ratio defined by you or read on the product bottle of wiper water. The car they do by no means a bad thing, if you dilute the cleaning water with less water. This is also a strength effect on the disc registered. Private purchases for wiper water are risk generally. You can look directly on one side of Amazon only for a windshield wiper water, or receive a suitable wiping water with us and buy many other products for your car.


Buy de-icer online at ATO24

De-Icer supposed to be in every car during the winter. The discs freeze over at night and the next day you caught a layer of ice on the windshield. Every driver has to scrape the ice off the disc. That secures a clear view. But the ADAC shows a different phenomenon because the driver don´t scrape the ice off and get involved into accidents. A famous obstacle for it is to use an ice-scraper because it´s not comfortable to use during minus degrees. If the de-icer as a supplements works is being questioned at the same time. But for sure the de-icer rescues the disk from the ice in a short time. So why should you use an ice-scratcher? In our shop you get de-icer for low prices. In our shop you do not get any de-icer from brands like Caramba or Sonax, but of Ravenol and Arexons. These convince with highest quality for low prices. Tested for all car manufacturer. Use de-icer and you will not fight with a scraper against the ice. Our shop also offers other car care products, which are applicable to any automotive sector.