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    • Cleaning and protection formula
    • Longtime surface protection
    • Dry cleaner for rims, covers and frames
    • lubricates, lossens rust and maintains the motorcycle
    • with outstanding creep properties
    • suited for use in a wide range of applications
    • Perfect for bar and chain applications, esp. chainsaws
    • Anti-wear additives extend the life of applications
    • Clings to metal surfaces better than other oils
    • corrosion protection for chains
    • effectively penetrates all gaps
    • builds odorless lubricating film

10 Items

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Bike Care - Select high-quality products for the perfect bike care

Bike care is more than just a cleaning rag for the paint and the visor of the helmet. Look for a matching motorcycle maintenance, you will find cleaner for many different parts. You should also take a closer look, not to choose the wrong cleaner. Your bike should finally also look good. Cleaner for the car are an suitable alternative. But a car has some very different requirements. The paint is indeed the same in both, but the chain on a motorcycle is a much more specific. You should not clean it with a wrong cleaner. Search Amazon or Louis for a suitable motorcycle maintenance, you will find often S100 cleaner. This clean well, but we also offer better cleaner for your bike. Of course there is something for the chain and the paint. So you can easily clean your bike! If you have questions about cleaner for the motorcycle or to the subject of cars, we will help you.