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Set Ascending Direction
    • universal lubricant paste
    • prevents creaking and squeaking
    • transparent and water resistant
    • ready to use concentrate
    • suitable for cleaning vehicles and surfaces
    • for Kärcher, Lavor, Kränzle, Delvir etc. 
    • mixture of combustible solvents and gases
    • for gasoline and diesel vehicles
    • also for marine und agriculture use
    • corrosion protection for chains
    • effectively penetrates all gaps
    • builds odorless lubricating film

8 Items

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Garden care - The right oils are crucial

Gardening involves working with many technical elements. From lawn mowers to jigsaws or electric hedge trimmers, the focus is always on performance. The perfect cutting result should be achieved and the machine should not get hot. In order to meet these requirements, the gardening tools must be of high quality right from the start. In the long term, however, every hobby gardener is also obliged to maintain his garden tools properly. Good lubrication is particularly important for the care of gardening tools. Without a good chain oil or engine oil, the garden tools run hot faster and wear out very strongly. Who would like to have thus in the long term somewhat of its gardening equipment, should absolutely set on the straight cleaners. In our online shop you will find a variety of these high-quality garden care products. Besides the well-known WD-40 products, we also offer excellent rust removers, chain oils, flow improvers and much more from other brand manufacturers.

Cleaner for the garden

It is best to clean the garden tools directly after gardening. Remains of the cut or the soil could deposit in the smallest corners and lead to rust or material cracks due to moisture. In order to protect your garden tools from such signs of wear, you should use good cleaners. Poor cleaners are usually cheaper, but do their job less well. They rather smear the impurities and aggravate the problem. A good cleaner for your garden tools, on the other hand, ensures quick and uncomplicated cleaning. In our range you will find a large selection of cleaners for all your garden tools. In addition, we offer the advantage that you can choose between different manufacturers.