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    • universal lubricant paste
    • prevents creaking and squeaking
    • transparent and water resistant
    • Sliding grease with silicone
    • keeps plastic and rubber elastic
    • for sliding roofs, seat guides, etc.
    • Leak finder for gas and compressed air
    • Fast leak search
    • For wheels, tubes, air conditions, etc.
    • optimum thread-locking adhesive
    • for all commonly used scerew and nut sizes and all grades
    • cures extremly fast
    • high efficient dense paste for exhaust system parts
    • temperature resistent up to +700°C
    • against seizure of old parts, for easy removing
    • For petrol and diesel engines with or without DPF
    • For 5 liters of engine oils
    • Prohibits oil leaking
    • For more grip on the screw head
    • Easier moving of the screws
    • For all conventional screw types
    • higly economical polishing ball
    • perfect for manually polishing
    • optimizes working in speed and accurancy
    • bearing grease for high speed roller and ball bearings
    • especially for chassis lubrication
    • meets ISO-L-XCCFA3

Items 1-24 of 46

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To ensure a smooth working condition, it is not only necessary to change oils. It is rather a matter of looking at the whole mechanism. For example, it must be ensured that the seals are not porous and all other mechanical elements are lubricated throughout to prevent premature wear. For example, multifunctional oils ensure that elements can be loosened or cleaned more easily. Sealing compounds, in turn, ensure a system which is still closed, which means that the oil can not penetrate. But also other products, such as silicone sprays, rust remover, tar remover and many more are particularly important. When changing lubricants, the overall lubrication and its functionality should be considered as a whole.