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    • Sliding grease with silicone
    • keeps plastic and rubber elastic
    • for sliding roofs, seat guides, etc.
    • rot lithium complex soap lubricating grease
    • excellent walk stability
    • for extreme pressure use
    • red lithium complex soap
    • excellent walk stability
    • for extreme pressure use
    • lithium saponified multi-purpose grease
    • free of heavy metals and chlorine
    • highly viscid parrafinic base oils
    • bearing grease for high speed roller and ball bearings
    • especially for chassis lubrication
    • meets ISO-L-XCCFA3
    • lithium complex soap lubricating grease 
    • excellent walk stability
    • offers rust and corrosion protection
    • lithium saponified grease based on mineral oil
    • for trucks and construction equipment
    • blue coloured
    • Lithium saponified long-term grease
    • for heavily loaded plain and rolling bearings
    • meets LOVAT LOV-204
    • Lithium saponified with molybdenum sulfide MoS2
    • for hard to reach places and reciprocating maschine parts
    • salt water resistant
    • Lithium saponified long-term grease
    • for heavily loaded plain and rolling bearings
    • meets LOVAT LOV-204
    • high performance grease
    • protects metal parts under extreme conditions
    • for vehicles, marine, agriculture, construction machines
    • multi-purpose grease with Polyurea base
    • for longer lifespan of bearings
    • eco-friendly
    • Especially in use for racing vehilces
    • Protects ball bearing and other car parts
    • Maximum performance under extrem conditions
    • green lithium saponified high performance grease
    • synthetic/native ester base
    • for high pressure loaded roller and plan bearings
    • Inpurities are easily visible
    • Protects gear and bearing against rust and corrosion
    • Suitable for food and machines with H1 EPA-approval

Items 1-24 of 28

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High-performance grease for every condition

The grease is a very special product of lubricants. The grease is needed for a variety of applications like the battery or mechanical joints. Greases consist of a majority of base oils that provide the actual lubrication. The grease is additionally admixed with thickeners and other additives and receives its lubricating property. These lubricants vary in the manufacture of grease. So greases are designed specifically for the marine, industrial and automotive applications. In Germany the grease underlies the DIN 51 524 and DIN 51 502 norm. By that individual letters and numbers shows the special property of the grease. So grease could be a high-pressure grease or just a simple one. A fat can accordingly be suitable for temperatures of over 200 degrees and up to -60 degrees. Are the fats designed for example for marine use, it must pass especially the conditions from saltwater. Greases for this are particularly resistant to water because the oils from getting steadily with the water in contact. In industry, the grease must be resistant for more pressure. When choosing the right grease these requirements should be considered.


Multipurpose grease for the daily business

The multipurpose grease is a frequently used one. It is designed for a variety of applications. The multipurpose grease can be used simultaneously for the car, motorcycle, scooter, or gardening tools. Many of our products can be found on Ebay but we sell greases only in our shop. We can also ship greases in larger quantities. All greases are on stock.