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    • suitable for all gasoline injection systems
    • protects against corrosion, wear and deposits
    • sufficient for up to 75 L fuel
    • reduces engine noise
    • optimum oil pressure under all operating conditions
    • reduces oil consumption
    • Diesel fuel additive
    • Improves the engine performane
    • Suitable for all Diesel engines with and without DPF
    • optimizes combustion processes
    • for all diesel engines in cars, trucks, tractors, buses or construcion machinery
    • cleans the fuel system and injectors
    • outstanding corrosion protection
    • ensures low fuel consumption
    • suited for all gasoline engines
    • protects fuel against oxidation and aging
    • for protecting engines of decommissioned motorcycles and classic cars
    • cleans fuel-systems of diesel engines
    • increases efficiency and reduces smoke opacity
    • provides protection against corrosion and wear
    • stops gearbox oil leaks
    • mixable with customery transmission oils
    • protects clutch from oiling
    • Flushes and cleans the engine
    • For petrol and diesel engines
    • Usable for 5l motor oil
    • For diesel and bio diesel fuel
    • 250 ml for 75 liter of diesel
    • For extreme conditions or longer resting times
    • Reduces metal friction and wear
    • Hightech ceramic wear protection
    • Reduces fuel consumption

Items 1-24 of 49

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Additives are a real performance miracle. Used in fuel (diesel, petrol and gas) or in the engine, it provides even more power. The same applies to the cooling system. Fuels are already accumulated in their base with additives. Without these additives fuels couldn´t be burned properly. Total, as a large company for fuels, shows this relevance of additives in the gasoline or diesel in their transparent view of their production of fuels. But not only Total enriches its fuel with additives, but each manufacturer of fuels. For fuels thus additives form a base. Important features that can still be improved by training. An additional additive for the diesel engine releases the last available power reserves. The risk that the motor is rotating does not exist. Even more the particle residues in the engine get eliminated. And the combustion of the fuel improves.