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    • Monograde hypoid transmission oil
    • for Mercedes, Ford, MAN, ZF transmission etc.
    • also for axle-, transfer-, intermediate- and ancillary gearboxes
    • for use in transmissions and hydraulics
    • SAE 80W with API GL-4 and MIL-L-2105
    • for all established agricultural tractors manufacturers
    • high performance transmission oil with mineral base
    • for nearly all hevy duty industry transmissions
    • STOU Spezialöl in Viskosität 15W-30
    • erfüllt ACEA E1, E2
    • für CAT, ZF, Vickers, Ford, Dension, John Deere uvm.
    • STOU special oil with SAE 10W-40
    • complies with API CG-4, GL-4
    • ISO VG 32-100 specification
    • Special oil for agricultural machinery, excavators, construction machinery
    • for engine, gearbox, hydraulics, compressors
    • fulfills API GL-4, ISO VG 68
    • special oil for agriculture, excavators, construction equipment
    • for engine, gearbox, hydraulics, compressors
    • meets API GL-4, ISO VG 68
    • gearoil for use in hydraulic transmissions of tractors
    • for ZF, Ford, CNH, John Deere, Allison, CAT, Volvo, Fiat
    • API GL-4 specification
    • meets API SF / CE / CF-4 / GL-4
    • for Ford, MF, ZF, Allison, John Deere, MB
    • CCMC G2/D4 specification

17 Items

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STOU & UTTO - Universal oil for the agricultural area

In the case of lubrication of tractors, it is first necessary to distinguish between the transmission, so if the hydraulics and the engine get a separately or all in one lubrication. In the case of separate lubrication, individual oils can be used. Their requirements and specifications are issued by the same standards as for cars. If a unit lubrication is used, the agricultural machines and tractors usually require a universal oil. This contains it abbreviation STOU which stands for "Super Tractor Oil Universal". It can be used as an oil for engines, shift and power shifts, axle drives and wet brakes as well as for the hydraulic system. In addition, an oil bearing the UTTO, Universal Tractor Transmission Oil designation for shift and power-shift gearboxes, axle drives and wet brakes as well as the hydraulic system are applicable.