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    • special product for air-cooled V-Twin engines
    • meets JASO MA, API SM, ILSAC GF-4
    • provides best temperature protection with simultaneous reduction of wear
    • mineralischer 3-in-1 lubricant
    • reduces friction and protects against metal-to-metal contact
    • for Chopper and Cruiser motorbikes
    • For enclosed chains and gears
    • Extreme-pressure additives extend gear & chain life
    • Ensures superior in low-temperature starting
    • Recommended for Harley Davidson, INDIAN, Triumph
    • Protects gear and eliminates transmission whine
    • For smooth shifts but crisp acceleration
    • special axle oil for quads and ATV with wet brake
    • for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Bombardier, Suzuki
    • semi-synthetic special multigrade gear oil
    • specially for air and water-cooled engines
    • API GL-4 specification
    • hypoid transmission oil based on mineral
    • with special high pressure additions for manual transmissions
    • API GL-5 specification
    • mineral based gear oil 
    • API GL-4 specification
    • with effective additives for manual transmission
    • fully synthetic gear oil
    • for extremely stressed manual transmission and rear axles
    • API GL-4 specification
    • Für Getriebe und Differenziale von ATVs und UTVs
    • u.a. in Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki
    • Schützt stark beanspruchte Schaltung vor Verschleiß

13 Items

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Buy Transmission Fluid online at ATO24

The motorbike gear oil is only used for a few bikes. The reason for it is that in many motorcycles, the gear is lubricated by a normal engine oil. Bikes with an extra gear lubrication need a specific transmission fluid. In this case, if you use a normal engine oil, you damage the gear.


Change the Transmission Fluid of your bike? Choose the right one!

Bevor you buy a gear oil you have to check the specific clearances like SAE or API. SAE specification tells you which viscosity the motorcycle gear needs. For example 10W-30 or 75W-90. 75W in this case stands for the temperature resistance in the winter. The second number of disclosure applies to the summer time. The API GL Designation deemed labeling for requirements for oils and hence the transmission oil. Transmission fluids are usually marked with API GL-4 or API GL. 5 API4 in this case stands for a gear oil for severe conditions. They are offset to a small extent with additives to meet these requirements. API GL-5 is for use in harsh conditions. They also contain more additives as a gear fluid with API GL 4 marking. The additives are each used to reduce wear. How many liters of transmission oil the bike needs, see the Motorcycle manual. Otherwise, we can give you an telephonic support.