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Buy 2-stroke oil - Large selection, top prices, expert advice.

In our ATO24 online store we offer you a wide selection of 2-stroke oil, often called mixed oil, for motorcycle, moped, scooter, scooter and all other machines with 2-stroke internal combustion engine. Our product range covers both two-stroke mixture engines and two-stroke engines with separate lubrication.

Your scooter or motorcycle has a 4 stroke engine with its own oil circuit? Then check out our 4-stroke oil category for suitable products.

Buy 2 stroke oil for mixture engines here

For the production of 2 stroke mixture a special 2 stroke oil is needed. This is added directly to the gasoline fuel and fueled as a mixture together in the machine. A mixture engine therefore does not have a separate oil circuit, but is lubricated directly by the fuel mixed with oil. As a result, the oil is burned together with the gasoline.

2 stroke oil for engines with separate lubrication

Lubrication with 2-stroke oil as separate lubrication is also, like mixture lubrication, a so-called loss lubrication: the engine oil is lost once it has reached the combustion chamber. This is because here, too, the oil is mixed with the fuel. The difference: while mixed lubrication requires mixing of the 2-stroke oil before refueling, the mixture is produced by the engine itself in the case of separate lubrication: The motorcycle, scooter or moped is refueled with gasoline fuel. In addition, there is a smaller two-stroke oil tank. Before the combustion process, a certain amount of oil is automatically added to the mixture. In this process, as with 4-stroke engines with their own oil circuit, it is essential to ensure that there is enough oil in the designated reservoir, otherwise, in the worst case, the lubrication of the engine will fail.

How much 2 stroke oil to 5 liters? What are the mixing ratios?

The mixing ratio that you should observe for mixing the 2-stroke mixture cannot be determined in a generalized way. The specification of the vehicle manufacturer of your motorcycle, scooter, scooter or quad is decisive here. For help, you can look in the user manual. Very often the given mixture ratio is one of the following 3 ratios:


  • 2 stroke mixture 1:33
    Meaning: To one part gasoline comes 1/33 mixed oil. Example: 33 ml oil is added to 1 L gasoline.
  • 2 stroke mixture 1:40
    Meaning: 1/40 mixed oil is added to one part gasoline. Example: 25 ml of oil is added to 1 L of gasoline.
  • 2 stroke mixture 1:50
    Meaning: 1/50 mixed oil is added to one part of gasoline. Example: 20 ml of oil is added to 1 L of gasoline.

For a tank filling with 5 liters of gasoline, a mixing ratio of 1:50 results in an oil quantity of 100 ml, for 1:40 125 ml and so on.

You are not sure which oil to use?

If you have any questions about the 2-stroke oil for your motorcycle, scooter or scooter, do not hesitate to contact us! Our service team will help you quickly under the specified contact options and advise you competently.