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Differential gearbox – perfection lies in balance

Differential gears are most commonly used as axle differentials in automobiles. They ensure for example the different speed of wheels and their balanced performance in different speed situations. Differential transmissions are used for rear-wheel drive or 4-wheel vehicles. It is lubricated by approx. 1-1.5 liters of differential gear oil. With regard to the change, a "Lifetime" property of the oil is often attested. Accordingly, the differential gear oil would be usable over the entire service life of the vehicle. However, you should not blindly trust this identifier. The automotive manufacturers usually refer to the handbooks themselves that a change after 80.000 or 120.000 kilometers is necessary, despite Lifetime property. The "Lifetime" thus quickly turns out to be a marketing tool. If the differential gear oil has already turned black when changing, the oil change proves to be long overdue.

Distributor oil for the driving force balance

The transfer case ensures the equal distribution of the drive force on several axes. This ensures that all four wheels are operated simultaneously. Automotive manufacturers such as VW and BMW have special spare parts numbers for the suitable distributor oil. As in the case of differential gear oil, a smaller liter quantity is required for the transfer case oil.

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