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    • Recommended for cars with older or modified engines
    • Improved engine protection due to high zinc content
    • Long-term protection against corrosion and rust
    • Licensed API Certified Engine Oil ILSAC GF-4
    • For vehicles previously requiring oils such as ILSAC GF-3, GF-2, GF-1
    • Approved to the Chrysler Material Standard MS-6395
    • Semi-synthetic engine oil
    • For vehicles with the year 1970-1990
    • developed with high zinc (ZDDP) and molybdenum (Moly) content
    • Minimize wear, fuel and oil consumption
    • Appropriate for petrol fueled engines
    • GM, Ford and Chrysler recommendation
    • In gasoline fueled vehicles usable
    • Improved engine protection and fuel savings
    • Chrysler MS-6395, GM 4718M,6094M recommendation
    • Suitable for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and more
    • For light and heavy diesel engines Recommended for
    • Ford Power Stroke engines
    • synthetic / hydrogen-processed base oils
    • meets ILSAC GF-5 and API SN
    • offers best protection, reduces oil and gas consumption
    • sehr gute Kaltstarteigenschaften
    • gute Scherstabilität
    • hervorragendes Viskositäts-Temperaturverhalten

11 Items

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Engine oil 10W-30: Large selection, wide range, top prices at ATO24

You are looking for a suitable 10W-30 engine oil for your vehicle? In the online store of ATO24 you are right!

We help you to find out what is important for your vehicle and to buy exactly the right one from our large selection of SAE 10W-30 engine oils. In addition to our competent advice, we offer you attractive prices.

In addition to the engine oil viscosity SAE 10W-40, oils of the viscosity class SAE 10W-30 are among the most demanded engine oils with the cold viscosity 10W. But what exactly does 10W-30 actually mean and why are there so many different oils despite the same viscosity? We will clarify these and other questions in the course of this blog article.

What does 10W-30 mean?

SAE 10W30 is what is known as a multigrade viscosity. Correctly written out as 10W-30, the two viscosity indexes given, 10W and 30, refer to all-season use (suitability for winter and summer use). These multigrade oils were developed over 50 years ago and were intended to replace the procedure of having to change oil at summer and winter time. The viscosity specification in cold (10W) and warm (30) viscosity indicates the flowability of the oil at high and low temperatures.

10W stands for the flowability in winter (this is where the W index comes from). The value 10 is not a directly measurable value of a certain unit but an index number. The lower the number before the W, the better the flowability at cold temperatures and cold starts. A 5W-30 engine oil therefore has better flow properties when cold than a 10W-30 engine oil.

The number 30 stands for the flowability of the oil at a temperature of 100 degrees. Again, the lower the number, the lower the viscosity at a temperature of 100 degrees. Accordingly, a 10w30 engine oil here is comparable to a 5W-30 engine oil.

Buy 10W-30: There is to consider!

Even if the vehicle manual recommends a 10w-30 engine oil, this does not immediately mean that you have found the right 10W30 oil. When buying a 10W-40, attention must be paid to the prescribed specification and approval. They represent the particular chemical properties of an oil.

10W-30 engine oil approvals

As always, your vehicle may require a approval in addition to the 10W-30 viscosity. These approvals are listed on the bottle label next to the specifications. The best known approvals are those of BMW (e.g. LL-04), VW (e.g. VW 507 00) and Mercedes Benz (e.g. MB 251.0). The approvals with the engine oil are comparable with a quality seal of the automobile manufacturers. Thus this manufacturer issues a certain chemical characteristic of oils, which must be fulfilled, in order to be permissible for the cars from the own product series.

What engine oil approvals occur together with viscosity SAE 10W-30? Among many others, common engine oils are of the following clearances and recommendations 10W-30 engine oils:


What is the difference between 10W-30 and 10W-40?

Both viscosities share the "10W" winter property, which means they have the same properties at low temperatures and cold starting. The indices 30 and 40 refer to a difference at high temperatures. Thus, the 10W-40 shows a slightly higher viscosity at high operating temperatures. This difference can be advantageous if the engine has oil losses with a 10W-30 motor oil.