Transmission & Hydraulics

Gearbox oil and hydraulic oil for outboarder

The gearbox oil and hydraulic oil in the marine sector fulfill the same tasks as normal passenger cars. However, with regard to the particular conditions in the case of outboard motors, the oils have different properties. Outboard engines not only generate other forces during their commissioning, but the engines are often resting over a longer period of time. Hydraulic and transmission oils have to be balanced in additives. In addition, a wear-resistant effect is required in order to prevent premature wear during the standing times of the marine engines. Equally important in this case is the action on metal and sealing materials. The hydraulic and transmission oil should be compatible with this. If seals become porous due to the oils and lose their property, water storage occurs. This is followed by rapid wear. In view of this assumption, the above-mentioned properties are to be considered when buying transmission and hydraulic oils for outboard vehicles. The special chemical requirements are also defined by ISO or DIN standards. Refer to the manual for the applicable standards for the marine engine.