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buy top rim cleaner for low price - you have the full choice!

Not only in the summer at high temperatures and long highway trips but also in the winter, such as at the latest whenever the storage of the wheels is pending for wheel change, they are indispensable - reliable rim cleaners!

In the online store of ATO24 you always get a wide selection of the latest rim cleaners at a fair price. Our product range includes Sonax, Dr. Wack, Tuga Chemie and Ravenol.

We offer you rim cleaners that are especially suitable for use on aluminum rims as well as cleaners approved especially for RKDS (tire pressure control system).

From the inexpensive but intensive aluminum rim cleaner to the absolute high-end rim cleaner, you can choose exactly the rim cleaner that suits you!

Using rim cleaner when changing your wheels

Regularly in October begins the time when tires are changed and thus often the aluminum rims are stored and the car is equipped with other rims for the winter.

Before storing the aluminum rims, every motorist should make sure to clean the rims properly beforehand. Otherwise, over the winter, all the things that you collected on the road in the summer will eat into the rims. This includes dirt, oil, brake dust and other substances that now have enough time over the winter to "eat" into the rim. This residue can lead to long-term damage to the rims. This is especially annoying if the rims were otherwise still in good shape and would have only needed extensive cleaning.

In most cases, however, it is not enough to tackle the dirt on the rims with standard household cleaning agents. Special rim cleaners are needed to give the rim back its shine and clean it deeply.

Which rim cleaner suits you?

As an example, we would like to present you four aluminum rim cleaners from our range in a compact form and simplify the choice of the right rim cleaner for you:

Tuga Alu-Teufel Special Rim Cleaner

  • the specialist
  • The manufacturer TUGA Chemie describes the cleaner as follows:
    "The new Alu-Teufel Special is a modern, extremely powerful rim cleaner gel for the uncomplicated cleaning of rims and hubcaps"
  • Especially the uncomplicated application of the cleaner bring the cleaner a big plus point. In addition to the handy 1 liter bottle, the cleaning itself has been simplified by TUGA CHEMIE.
  • After applying the cleaner to the rim, the cleaner turns from reddish to purple, indicating to the user that the cleaning of the rim is in full swing.
  • The cleaner is really suitable for any rim. From the chrome rim to the simple hubcap, everything can be cleaned with the TUGA Alu-Teufel Special Rim Cleaner.

Ravenol Alufelgen Reiniger intensiv

  • the all-rounder
  • The ALU rim cleaner from Ravenol can be used not only for the rims. It is also possible to clean the frame or individual engine parts with this cleaner. This makes the RAVENOL Alufelgen Reiniger a multitool in its field.
  • With all the application possibilities, RAVENOL has ensured that the cleaner does not attack any surfaces or could be toxic. Washing hands after use is nevertheless recommended.
  • The application quantity of RAVENOL ALU-Felgen Reiniger can be selected depending on the degree of soiling. This results in another advantage. The cleaner can be diluted up to a ratio of 1:10 and still maintain a certain degree of efficiency. This leaves more aluminum rim cleaner in the end over a longer period of time.

Sonax Xtreme Wheel Cleaner Plus

  • the boss
  • The SONAX Xtreme Rim Cleaner PLUS comes with a special extra. In addition to the cleaner, a rim sponge is also packed in the packaging. So it is possible to start immediately and clean the rims. This cleaner also shows by its reddish discoloration when the cleaning of the rim is in full swing. The cleaner effortlessly removes even heavy dirt.
  • The cleaner is guaranteed acid-free and does not attack the rim surfaces or the wheel studs. In addition, SONAX Xtreme Rim Cleaner Plus is also suitable for wheels with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). A large number of rims can be cleaned with it.

Sonax FelgenBeast

  • the beast
  • The Sonax RimBeast is after the success of the Xtreme RimCleaner Plus the next coup from the house of Sonax. The RimBeast is also explicitly suitable for aluminum rims with tire pressure monitoring system.
  • With fragrant fruit note, the cleaning performance was refined again. The RimBeast achieves amazing cleaning results.
  • Unleashes with reddish effect indicator downright the beast on steel and aluminum rims heavily soiled by brake dust and road dirt.

Rim cleaner advice - competent and fast

Are you not sure which rim cleaner should be used for your vehicle? Our service team will assist you competently and quickly. For comprehensive advice, simply contact us via the specified channels.

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