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Wipes and sponges - the balance counts

In point oft he car care, not only the chemical products count. They remove dirt from the lacquer or window but you also need suitable cleaning cloth or sponges, whether fort he interior or outside. The sponge ensures uniform application of the autoclaving product. In order to solve even the most stubborn impurities, the sponge must not yield to it, nor damage the varnish. For this reason, the quality of it is very important. The same applies to the cleaning cloths. It is mainly leather care and microfibre cloths. These are also suitable for cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces. Microfiber cloths are designed for one-time use, while leather care cloths are suitable for multiple uses.

Sonax is one of the leading german companys for car care products. The selection of Sonax products is huge. Well known are the care products for exterior and interior. But also the Sonax wheel, gum and rim cleaner are well known for their quality. Escpecially the NanoPro technology or Xtreme Series face the quality aspect of all Sonax products. Not without any reason these care products were rated with 5 stars. With us you can buy Sonax online and get the right product for any car. To buy Sonax online has the additional advantage to get different liter sizes of the products. And still for a lower price. Therefore you get the right quantity for your car, equal if concentrate or ready mixed. Also our Sonax range is justified for the season. So check our Sonax Wash Shampoo or the Sonax Windscreen wash. You want to know more about Sonax? Then check the manufacturers website and view the latest videos or articles about Xtreme, NanoPro and the other product series.